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Rider Policies

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Call Harvest Transit at 208-343-4414 to make a reservation or cancel a future ride. To check on a scheduled ride or cancel same day reservations please call 208-345-RIDE(7433), option 1.


Harvest Transit provides rides during the following schedule: Monday-Saturday 9am-3pm. Reservation requests can be made Monday-Friday 9am –3pm.


Please schedule your ride a minimum of two (2) working days prior to your trip, up to two weeks in advance. Reservation requests are not accepted on weekends. Example: To request a Monday ride your request would need to be placed before 3:00 PM the previous Thursday.


Harvest Transit provides rides all over Meridian. Harvest Transit is NOT a taxi or limousine, but is a shared ride transit system that takes multiple passengers to different locations. Your needs are balanced with the needs of other customers. There may be times when the van arrives early. Please allow one hour before your requested pickup going to your destination and one hour after your requested pickup for the return trip for the ride to be scheduled. You will receive an automated call the night before for each ride with the actual scheduled van pickup times. Please note: Drivers only have information about your current trip. For return trip information please call 208-345-RIDE(7433), press option 1.


Harvest Transit is designed to provide transportation within the Meridian Community. Please check the map on the home page to learn if your trip is eligible for Harvest Transit.


Harvest Transit drivers provide curb-to-curb service. Drivers wait up to five (5) minutes past the scheduled pickup time once the vehicle arrives at your location. If the vehicle arrives early, the driver may ask if you are willing to leave early. If you do not wish to leave prior to the scheduled pick‐up time, the driver will continue to wait five (5) minutes past the scheduled pick‐up time before leaving for the next pick‐up or drop‐off.


  • All Harvest Transit Transportation trips are non-NEMT (Medicaid) trips
  • No bicycles
  • Personal Care Attendants must be identified at the time reservations are requested
  • Service animals may accompany passenger
  • Companion animals in approved containers
  • Actual rides and dates subject to seating availability
No Show Policy


Failing to cancel a scheduled ride in a timely manner impacts other passengers who are scheduled to share a ride. It may keep someone from being able to get a trip on the van that would have been available had the cancellation been made within the time limits.


A NO-SHOW occurs when:

  1. A passenger has not called to cancel their trip at least two (2) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time. This is needed to allow rerouting of the van to provide service to other locations and passengers.
  2. A passenger is at the address where the van is scheduled for the pick-up, but the passenger is not ready to board the van within five (5) minutes of the scheduled time.
  3. A passenger is not at the correct address or at the pre-determined location at the address to be picked up.

Drivers will wait five (5) minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, then may leave, at which time dispatch is notified of the late cancellation.

Trips may also be cancelled the day before a scheduled trip by using the automated telephone reminder system. Passengers should remember to cancel both segments of their trip if neither will be taken. A pattern or practice of no-shows is automatically determined to exist if a passenger fails to cancel three (3) trips within a rolling thirty (30) day period. This will result in a two (2) week suspension of service. Two (2) suspensions within a six (6) month period can result in permanent termination of services. Trips missed for reasons beyond a passengers control, such as an error made by reservations, a verified illness or verified last-minute cancellation by your medical provider will not count as a no-show.

  • For future trip cancellations, please call Harvest Transit at 208-343-4414.
  • For same day cancellations, please call dispatch at 208-345-RIDE(7433), option 1.