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Harvest Transit FAQs

Why the Meridian focus?

The City of Meridian is funding Harvest Transit; therefore services are designed to meet needs of Meridian residents.

Why are trips outside of Meridian not incorporated into the new service?

In order to provide the most rides for the most amount of people, the small service area was developed. This service area is designed to help Meridian residents access services in their community.

What if my needs go beyond the new service area?

You are encouraged to (if possible) adjust your travel behavior to meet the new service characteristics. If you must travel outside of the service area (Medical Appointments), please call 345-RIDE. Volunteer drivers and other services can be made available to help meet rider’s non-medical needs. This service is based on volunteer availability and will require you to pay $3 per 8 miles traveled.

What if I unsure whether I am within the service area boundaries?

Please refer to the map on the page Plan Your Trip. As long as the From and To locations are within the Green zone, you are within zone boundaries. If the address where you are to be picked up and/or dropped off is along a border street, your trip will qualify for Harvest Transit. Furthermore, if you are able to reach an address along or within the service area, you may request a Harvest Transit trip.

Am I guaranteed a trip on Harvest Transit?

Harvest Transit is not a guaranteed ride. Your trip request will be processed by Harvest Transit staff. However, if the vehicle is already at capacity, Harvest Transit may be unable to provide your ride on this day.

You may be prompted to change the time of your trip based on vehicle availability at other times.

What if I have travel needs that do not fit within the hours of Harvest Transit (Monday-Saturday 9am-3pm)?

If you have a medical trip outside of 9am-3pm, please call 208-345-RIDE. You will speak with a Rideline staff member to place you on another transportation service (available 6am -7pm).

If you have a non-medical travel need outside of 9am-3pm, please call 208-345-RIDE. A Rideline staff member will look to place you on a GoRide’s Volunteer Driver program. This service is based on volunteer availability and will require you to pay $3 per 8 miles traveled.

Other than Sundays, what days will Harvest Transit not be in operation?

Christmas – Dec 25th & 26th
Martin Luther King Day – Jan 16th
President’s Day – Feb 20th
Independence Day – July 4th
Labor Day – Sept 4th
Thanksgiving Day – Nov 23rd

Are there other services like this in the Treasure Valley?

A similar partnership exists between Valley Regional Transit and Supportive Housing and Innovative Partnerships (SHIP). SHIP is a Boise based transportation service for seniors and persons with disabilities. SHIP provides rides Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm. Please call 208-573-2584 for more information. Service has limited availablility.

Please see the Rider Policies for additional information.