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Harvest Transit* is a free transportation service giving opportunity for seniors & disabled residents of Meridian to reach activities and services within the community. We will pick you up in front of your house and take you to any location within your service area or “zone”. To find out if your trip is within the eligible zones, check the map.


*Brand new vans are now on the road!

Check Your To And From Locations

Your trip must be in start and finish in the green and red zones.


marker-104If your trip crosses zone lines, plan for an extra hour to transfer at the library.

redo-96If your tip goes outside the zones, please contact Rideline (345-RIDE) for more options.

Check Your To and From Locations

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The labeled destinations are located where both zones overlap, and therefore can be reached by anywhere in the North or South Zone.

How To Plan Your Trip


Make sure that your trip is within your “zone”. If your trip crosses zone lines, plan for an extra hour of time to transfer at the library.

Check Zone Map


Call 208-343-4414 to schedule your ride at least 2 business days in advance. Rides are available Monday – Saturday, 9am-3pm. You will receive a reminder call the night before your trip to inform you of when you will be picked up.

Call 208-343-4414

Be Ready

Be ready at least one hour before your scheduled pick-up time. Punctuality is the goal, but your ride may arrive up to one hour before the time you scheduled.

Rider Policies

Need to Cancel a Ride? Contact Harvest Transit

Need to cancel a ride? Call 208-343-4414.

Contact Harvest Transit